Club Carnivals

Club Carnivals Prior to 2006

Up until 2006, Parramatta City Swim Club held an Annual Sprint Carnival each year. These carnivals were normally held in August or September. Photographs from many of these carnivals can be found on the Club History page.


TriClub Carnivals

In 2013, the Club instigated a TriClub carnival with Parramatta Memorial Swim Club and Merrylands ASC. This interclub carnival aimed to promote some friendly rivalry between the clubs and build club spirit within each of the clubs. In more recent years McCredie Park Aquatic Swim Club has replaced Parramatta Memorial as the third competing club


Winner Clubs of the TriClub Cup have been

2013 - Merrylands

2014 - Parramatta City

2015 - Parramatta City

2016 - Merrylands

2017 - Parramatta City

2018 - Parramatta City



Junior Dolphins Carnivals

For the past four years, the club has held a Junior Dolphins Carnival in March at Granville Pool. This carnival is free to enter and open to all. The carnival which has been described as "organised chaos", it one of the highlights of the club's year.