Club Committee


The Committee Members and other Office Bearers of the Parramatta City Swim Club Inc. that were elected at the AGM on 16 June 2018 are as follows: 



Dean Duncan

Vice President:

Theo Kitsos


Betty Horlyck


Debbie Cooke

Race Registrar:

Bruce Horlyck

Other Committee Members:

Valdan Jovic, Nicole Lister, Stephen Wood



Equipment Office:

Betty Horlyck

Publicity Officer:

Deepak Harish

Social Secretary:

Nicole Bain

District Delegates:

Stephen Wood, Bruce Horlyck, Alison Horlyck , Graeme Haugh



Chief Instructor

Bruce Horlyck

Learn to Swim Committee:

Bruce Horlyck, Dean Duncan, Wendy Wood, Graeme Haugh

Competitions Committee:

Bruce Horlyck, Wendy Wood, Stephen Wood


Graham Taylor, Leo Lehnen



Club Captains:

Rafaelle Duarte & Adrian Farrell

Vice Captains:

Sian Hamilton & Deepak Harish