Club Races

Club Races are held between 7.30am - 8.30am on Saturday mornings at Granville Pool. The club swims both winter and summer seasons. Race entries must be in the entry box in the foyer of Granville Pool no later than 6.00pm the Thursday prior. Entries by phone must be in by 7.00 pm Thursday night to Bruce Horlyck  (9858 1437) or Wendy Wood (9688 3367). Phone entries will only be accepted three times per season.


Late entries can be handed in at the race table by 7.30 am Saturday. Late entries for normal graded point score races will receive 1 point. Late championship entries will no gain no championship points.


During the majority of the Summer and Winter season the club holds time graded races. In the last few weeks of summer the club holds Age Championship races. A swimmer's age is determined by the their age on the date of the first championship for that season. In the second half of the winter season, handicap races are held.


A 4x50m handicap relay and a parent-child brace relay are held on the last day of the summer season. A handicap relay is also held at the end of the winter season.


For more information on how club races are conducted please see the Club Race Rules.


Points Recording Sheet

The race programs are available on this site;


Points Recording Sheet

The points recording sheet is available in the following formats:


Other Useful Documents

Other relevant documents include: