Club Training

Parramatta City Swim Club conducts "free" advanced classes (mini-squad/"Blues" and squad /"Golds" training) three times per week for club swimmers.Sessions are Thursday and Friday evening 5.30pm to 6.30pm and Saturday morning 8.30am-9.30am.


To be a member of our mini-squad (Blues) a swimmers must be able to at least swim 50m freestyle and backstroke, and be confident in deeper water. A swimmer will be promoted to squads (Golds) when they can swim at least 50m of each stroke. 


Our mini-squad sessions aim to provide pupils who have just learnt to swim with the opportunity to increase their fitness, improve their stroke and build their confidence.


The squad sessions allow more advanced swimmers to continue to train without the cost and time commitment required when training with a professionally coached squad.


Students cannot attend training unless they regular participate in club races. Swimmers who graduate from our learn to swim lesson during the season are not required to attend club races until the following season.


For more information contact the Club's Hotline 0432 852 242 or email