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Parramatta City Swim Club does not allow new members to register with the club online. This approach ensures that people are not disappointed when they register and then find there is no suitable position available in the clubs learn to swim lessons. This also allows new members to see how they like our club for a few weeks before having to make a financial commitment. 


Joining for Club Races and Squads

Clubs races are available for those that can swim 25m of Freestyle and Backstroke.


Swimmers that can swim at least 50m of all four strokes are welcome to join the club's advanced squad ("Golds"). Those that are only competent in Freestyle and Backstroke are able to join the club's mini-squad ("Blues")


If you wish to join the club for races and squads it is best to contact us via the club's hotline (0432 852 242) or by email ( to determine the best time to try out and register. This time will most likely be at 8am on Saturday mornings at Granville Pool


Joining for Learn to Swim

The club's free learn to swim lessons are always in high demand, with a long waiting list for our beginners classes. There is a few positions available in our more advanced learn to swim classes, for pupils who can competently swim at least 15 metres.


If your child cannot swim 15 metres, we recommend that you send an email to with details about your or your childs swimming abilities and a request to be put on the waiting list.


If you feel your child can swim 15 metres you can either ring the club's hotline (0432 852 242) or send an email ( to confirm there is a suitable position available and to find out if and when an assessment can take place. Assessments are held about 9.15am on Saturday morning at Granville Pool,  just before learn to swim lessons commence.


Children must be at least 4 years old to join the club's learn to swim.